Somebody take 50 Cent’s password for Instagram as of now, because the Queens get rich rapper is acting a fool, once again. Things have been to some degree calm on Fif’s end, since his most recent rap beef with Meek Mill was settled. Be that as it may, surrender it over to the “21 Questions” rapper to revive another one. And long-term rap enemy, Ja Rule is found in the line of sight this time.

Posting a piece of Ja Rule’s new Foot Locker commercial, Fif advantageously utilizes the way that Ja Rule plays a Uber driver with some truly devastating career advice to attack his past enemy’s rap career. In the video, Ja can be seen communicating that “sustained greatness” is difficult to accomplish and ought not to be underestimated as he drives two men in the back of the Uber around. “One minute you’re on top of the world, the next…,” Rule addresses.

Just before he can get the following word out, Fif cuts into the clasp with a video of himself madly snickering. In the video, which originates from a meeting where he talks about his issue with Ja, he gladly announces, “I f**ked his s**t up. I f**ked his s**t all the way up!”

While the meeting gives enough setting, the historical backdrop of 50 Cent and Ja Rule running blow for blow with each other since the onset of their beef was the aim of the joke for this one. It’s justified, despite all the trouble to include that 50 Cent prides himself on without any assistance owning the destruction to Ja Rule’s rap profession, and besides, Ja conceding rout. Tragically enough, it is easy to see that Fifty will never let Ja Rule forget. It remains to be seen what else he has up his sleeve.