The heartbroken relatives of a grandma who died after being hit by a van, have hugged the family of the driver after she was told she was not going to jail.

Eighty six year old Gwendoline Barker was killed when she was struck by Sarah Codrington, 49. Codrngton had denied causing death by driving without due care and attention. However, she was convicted following a trial in Nottingham.

After she was sentenced, Mrs Baker’s family were seen hugging relatives of Codrington. They said they could not change what had already happened and did not want to make it more difficult for anyone.

Codrington, who is a self employed cleaner and gardener, told police when she was questionned that she had felt a bump, but had thought it was simply a flat tyre. The driver tried to perform CPR in an attempt to revive the elderly grandmother, but Mrs Barker was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.


Codrington had been heading from one client’s house to another when she accidentally backed into Mrs Baker, who had been pulling her shopping trolley. Following the court case, Mrs Barkers son Tim, 52, said there were no hard feelings.

Codrington was told she must do 160 hours of community work as well as paying £3,000 in court costs. She has been banned from driving for 16 months. Following the sentencing, Ms Codrington’s partner Tim Cocker, 47, said there had been a “forgiving bond”. He added that Codrington was devastated by what had happened and had sleepless nights.

The judge told Codrington that she ought to have taken a greater level of care when reversing as a result of the greatly reduced visibility because of the nature of the vehicle.

In a victim impact statement, her son described his mother as a very caring person, who always put others before herself, and never asked anyone for any help unless she really had to.