Talented Finnish singer Saara Aalto is now favourite to win Britain’s X Factor after wowing audiences with her powerful voice and kooky personality. However, TV chiefs are now reported to have launched a probe into whether votes from Finland have been skewing results.

For the first time, this weekend’s X Factor programmes have been screened live on Finnish television. And, while X Factor bosses have always insisted that the results of the show are based on British votes alone, a number of Finnish fans have been posting social media messages about how to get around those rules.

X Factor judge Louis Walsh even learnt a sentence in Finnish so he could urge people to vote for her. According to a source, the X Factor voting app does not actually say whether you are voting from Britain.

From the bottom to the top?

Saara was at the bottom in the early days of the contest. She took part in the sing off twice. However, she is now favourite to win. The source added: “Nobody is saying she hasn’t got a brilliant voice and that is why the judges have kept her in the show — because of her performances. But it does beg the question of how many votes from Finland are getting through when it’s just supposed to be people in this country.”

However, commentators say that Saara has managed to come back from the bottom as a result of cleverer song choices and less outrageous outfits, meaning the focus in now on her voice. She now goes through to the final of the X Factor along with the boyband 5 After Midnight, and heartthrob Matt Terry. Scottish singer Emily Middlemass was voted off the show after three judges chose to send her home so they could keep Matt in the contest.