At least five people, of four different nationalities, have died after a shooting in a nightclub in Mexico. It is understood that two Canadians, an Italian, a Colombian and a Mexican lost their lives in the shooting, which took place on the final evening of the popular BPM music event.

The shooting happened in the early hours at the Blue Parrot nightclub in the resort of Playa del Carmen, which is close to Cancun. Three of those who died have already been named. They are Kirk Wilson, who was a security guard from Canada, 28 year old Rafael Antonio Peñalosa Vega, from Mexico, and Daniel Pessina who is from from Italy. Vega is understood to have been alive when he reached hospital, but died as a result of head injuries.

According to officials, a lone gunman went into the nightclub before a shoot out broke out between him and another person who was already at the venue. Security officers tried to stop the shooting and came under attack themselves. While the shooting has come soon after a number of terror attacks, including a shooting at a nightclub in Istanbul, police said it was not terror related.


However, terrified clubbers panicked and stampeded towards exits, which resulted in the death of a woman who is understood to have been injured trying to escape. It is not known what nationality the woman was, although she is believed to be in her mid twenties or early thirties. Another victim, who has not been named, is understood to have been part of the security team at the club.


As well as the five people who lost their lives, 15 people have been injured in the gun attack, including one who suffered serious injuries. Five of those who were injured have already been released from hospital.