A baby boy, aged just three months, has become the fifth person to die after a motorist turned a car into a weapon and ploughed into pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia. The little boy was blue lighted to Royal Children’s Hospital following the incident, but sadly later died.

His death follows an incident in which 26 year old Dimitrious Gargasoulas is alleged to have deliberately driven a car into shoppers on Bourke Street. Another of those who died was also a child. Thalia Hakin, 10, was killed and her mother Naomi and sister Maggie, nine, are still in hospital where their condition has been described as critical.

Their heartbroken husband and father Tony Hakin is by their bedside while the Jewish community they belong to is offering its support. In total, 37 people were injured by the car on Friday, and many still remain in hospital. Six of them, including Naomi and Maggie, are understood to be fighting for their lives. Little Thalia should have been starting a new school year at the Beth Rivkah Ladies College in St Kilda East, and the two sisters were both keen martial arts participants.

Five killed

As well as the baby boy and 10 year old Thalia, two men, aged 25 and 22, and a woman, aged 32, were killed in the attack. Police say the alleged perpetrator of the attack was already known to them and that he has mental health problems and drug issues.

It has emerged that earlier the same day, the man had been chased through Melbourne by police because he had taken a female hostage. The woman managed to escape and police stopped chasing him when his driving became erratic as they feared that people nearby could be injured. They kept track of his movements by helicopter, but could not stop hi in time to prevent the catastrophe in Melbourne.