A body has been discovered in a backyard that has been suspected by the authorities to be that of Lisa Marie Naegle, ex-contestant to a reality TV show series.

An acquaintance of Naegle has been taken into custody in the area of Lennox, which is situtated nearby the International airport of Los Angeles.

Naegle apparently had disappeared last weekend while after she was set to be attending a birthday party at a beer hall in California.

As of now, the clear motive or even reason behind Naegle’s death has yet to be revealed.

The acquaintance taken into custody was identified as Jackie Jerome Rogers, 34, and has been interrogated by the police immediately after his arrest.

Who Was Lisa Marie Naegle?

Naegle had worked as a nurse in San Pedro, Los Angeles, and was a participant to the reality show ‘Bridalplasty’ back in 2010.

Though she was not a winning contestant on the show, Naegle’s ambitions involved a magical future wedding and sessions of plastic surgery.

Naegle also had served as a nursing instructor at the college of West Los Angeles.

The Disappearance

After Naegle had went to the beer hall where the birthday party was, her husband Derek Harryman said he had made contact with her to ask about her whereabouts, in which she replied while intoxicated by saying she’d be getting food and will be on her way back.

As Naegle never showed up during the weekend, Harry and Naegle’s sister immediately posted on social media for assistance in locating her, along with contacting the authorities that she had been missing.

Rogers claimed that he had left the birthday party without Naegle, in which her sister had begged him for further and specific details just as to when he had left, how and where she was at that moment, and so on.

Later on Rogers had changed the details of his story by saying that Naegle had been with him in his car, only to leave it a little while later.