“There will be new complications, “China warned the U.S. Foreign Minister Wang Yi, on Thursday, stated that both countries should find effective ways to preserve the solid relationship that the US and China have developed over the years.

This came in light of President-elect Donald Trump statement that he would re-evaluate China’s policy on Taiwan. The almost 40-year-old policy, which had been in place since 1979, recognizes China as the government of Beijing as well as only doing unofficial business in the interest of Taiwan.

Minister Yi, told the People’s Daily that Mr. Trump seems to underscore China’s stance that the policy of Taiwan is not open for discussion.

The Chinese leader also stated that he is quite wary of the direction that the newly elected president is taking. However, he noted that China will continue to co-operate with the US as well as work assiduously to boost both countries diplomatic relationship. Mr. Yi also noted that with the Trump administration, he foresaw “new, complex and unsure elements affecting bilateral members of the family”

The Republic of China regarded the self-governing island of Beijing as part of its interest; it has been long used as China’s “middle interest.” The country has also warned that any complication that arises from any outside interference will face military action.

Donald Trump has been very outspoken about China since he won the US election on November 8, 2016. The President-elect Trump has accused China of its currency manipulation and has made threats to place hefty fees on Chinese imports that come into the United States.

The world’s two largest economies are on a collision course for a scintillating showdown – It will be very interesting to see how China and the United States relationship hold up over the next four years, during the tenure of the Donald Trump administration.