The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has released 800,000 declassified files on Wednesday.

The release of the document comes at the end of a legal battle between the CIA and MuckRock, a non-profit freedom of information group.  The legal fight lasted for two years and demanded the CIA make the documents available online.

800,000 Files, 13 Million Pages

The 800,000 files consist of thirteen million pages of information.  The documents cover UFO sightings and psychic tests, as well as invisible ink recipes.  Some have a little more public interest as they cover intelligence briefings received by Henry Kissinger as secretary of state under presidents Gerarld Ford, and Richard Nixon.

The documents shed light on the agency’s role during conflicts such as the Vietnam War, Korean War, and the Cold War.

Perhaps most intriguingly is that they reveal the deep level of interest the U.S government had in extraterrestrial life and if it existed on other planets.  They were very interested in whether it could travel to Earth.

Star Gate Progam

The documents also reveal the research into the “Star Gate progam.”  This includes information on flying saucers as well as investigations into supernatural forces.

The U.S government even tested famed psychic Uri Geller in 1973.  Researchers wrote Geller, “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”  Geller copied images drawn by a person in another room that he couldn’t see.

According to the CIA none of the documents are cherry picked and contain everything except slight redactions that protect informants and national security.

Questions are bound to surface on what degree the CIA spies on its own citizens.  One document dated 1978, was entitled “How to open sealed letters” and provides a list of options of opening letters without the true recipient of the letter finding out.

Heather Frits Horniak, CIA spokesperson said, “None of this is cherry-picked. It’s the full history. It’s good and bads.”