Denver has approved a law, Proposition 300, on November 15, allowing bars and restaurants to seek permits to allow the use of marijuana. Customers could now use pot indoors, as long as it isn’t smoked, with the possibility of smoking in outdoor areas.

Recreational marijuana use has been legal in Denver since 2014 as long as it’s inside private homes. According to Denver Post, Denver had also “licensed a small number of cannabis-only clubs.”

However, Proposition 300 is now allowing bars and restaurants to seek permits for allowing the “social use” of marijuana for people over 21. This law passed last month with 53.4 percent of the vote.


The Colorado Restaurant Association tried opposing this attempt, and according to KOAA reports, not everyone was pleasure with this law, but it was nonetheless considered a huge “victory” for marijuana users.

This still restricts the smoking of marijuana to be outdoors, and only vaping and edibles to be allowed indoors, due to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

Also, according to the Denver Post: “Applicants for annual or temporary permits would need backing from a single neighborhood group, such as a city-registered neighborhood organization or Business Improvement District. Those groups could set operating conditions in exchange for their support.”

According to Mason Tvert, a spokesman for the national Marijuana Policy Project and advocate for the first-in-nation law: “The entire goal of this initiative is to provide adults with private places where they can consume cannabis so they’re not consuming in public.”

Emmet Resitroffer, the campaign manager for the Pot-in–Bars measure said: “It’s the sensible thing to do. This is about personal responsibility and respecting adults who want to have a place to enjoy cannabis.”