Noted director of “Selma” took to the social networking siteTwitter to tackle the issue of claims of wrongful portrayal of President Johnson in the movie. The historical movie, “Selma” deals with the historical march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 for voting rights under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. The director’s strong response was in reaction to therecent criticism by Joseph A. Califano Jr., Domestic Affairs Assistant for President Johnson.

Joseph A. Califano Jr criticizes the movie in his op-ed article in The Washington Post

In his op-ed article, Califano lambasted the director for historical inaccuracies, especially with regards to the cinematic portrayal of President Johnson. In it, he said that the film provided a false portrayal of the President, and that both the President and Martin Luther King Jr were associates and shared the same goals. He further added that Selma was actually the President’s idea, and that he was of the opinion that the Voting Rights Act was to be his “greatest legislative achievement”. Contrary to the cinematic portrayal of the relationship between the two, King was considered by the President to be an important partner in the legislation of the Bill.

DuVernay provides a befitting response with proof to back her portrayal

In response to this criticism, the director simply wrote on her twitter page that the “Notion that Selma was LBJ’s idea is jaw dropping and offensive to SNCC, SCLC and black citizens who made it so.”Along with this vehement response, the director also shared a link on the topic, and urged people to visit the page to have a better understanding of history, and not accept her words or Califano’s words blindly. Expressing her desire for people to interrogate history, she said, “Let it come alive for yourself,”