In solidarity to women in America and around the world, the Women’s March in London has attracted 80,000 people marching in protest of remarks made by Donald Trump on women and race.

It is believed 600 “sister marches” are occurring worldwide to the main march in Washington.  Marchers are set to total 2.2 million worldwide, the majority of them women.

In London, the march started at midday local time in Grosvenor Square and finished at Trafalgar Square in London at 2pm.  The marchers were comprised of all ages and genders.

Many held placards with slogans such as “Dump Trump”, “Reject hate, reclaim politics” and “No to racism, no to Trump.”

As well as London other British cities are set to see marches including Edinburgh, Belfast, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Manchester.  Internationally, Sydney, Prague, Copenhagen, and Cape Town will also see mass protests, with reports that the movement has reached the Antarctica.

Politicians and celebrities were also marching on the streets of London.

Playwright Bonnie Greet and Labour MP Harriet Harmon were spotted together with Rebecca Hall who appeared in Iron Man 3.  She said, “Yesterday was a confusing day and a sad day – I was sad to see Obama leave … We do not know what the Government is going to be like.”

While Ms Harman said, “It’s just a shame they have a two-term limit, isn’t it?” in reference to Obama’s departure.

The general outcry against Trump has been driven by a secret recording where he implied you can grab women by their genitalia when you’re famous.

As protestors made their way along the streets spectators cheered them.  So far there have been no reports of the protests turning to violence.

Many say that human rights is being pushed further down the list of priorities and that chants of “I didn’t come from your rib you came from my vagina” were heard.

The protests were organised so women could have a place to vent their anger and frustration.