Lord Snowdon, ex – husband of Princess Margaret and society photographer had died, aged 86.

He was born Antony Armstrong-Jones, and he has photographed some of the most famous stars of the twentieth century including Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Diana, Princess of Wales.  His career spanned 60 years.

Most of all, however, he will be remembered for being married to Princess Margaret.  The couple married in 1960 and divorced 18 years later.

The marriage produced two children and he remained close to the monarchy.  As a photographer he had two sittings with the Queen, and remains the only photographer ever to do so.

He died peacefully at home.

His lifestyle was that of a playboy and his private life often hit the headlines.  As a young man in the 1960s, he was from divorced parents and was not of aristocratic blood.  He was the first commoner to marry a King’s daughter for 450 years.

After his divorce from Princess Margaret he remarried, marrying Lucy Lindsay-Hogg. In 2000 the marriage ended.  In both marriages there end was said to have come about because of affairs.

He built his career as a photographer by taking pictures of the theatre, fashion, and high society.  Following his marriage to Princess Margaret he became the royal photographer.

Throughout his career he has worked with vogue and various magazines on projects far removed from photographing the royal family such as photographing documentary subjects from mental health to loneliness.

A year of marring Princess Margaret it was announced she was expecting their child.  Shortly afterwards, the Queen gave him an aristocratic title bringing him fully into the royal fold.

Their second child was born a few years later.

Throughout their marriage rumours surfaced there were problems, prompting denials from Buckingham Palace.

From 1971 onwards there were fewer appearances of them together.

In 2014 he donated 130 photographs to the National Portrait Gallery.  Subjects included Sir Laurence Olivier, Dame Maggie Smith, and David Bowie.