While it’s not yet time for outgoing president Barack Obama to hand over the keys to the White House to Donald Trump, the pair have come face-to-face to talk about the handover
The new president of the United States, Mr Trump, will be officially inaugurated into his new post in January.
He has now met with President Obama for the first time since securing a shock victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton.
Following the discussion, Mr Trump described it as a “great honour” to have met with Mr Obama for transition talks.
Meanwhile, Mr Obama said he had been encouraged by what he said was an excellent and wide-ranging conversation.
During the election campaign, the two were at loggerheads, with Mr Trump even questioning Mr Obama’s US citizenship and Mr Obama saying that Mr Trump was “uniquely unqualified”.
However, the two have now buried the hatchet for the sake of the US, amid riots and protests which have broken out from those in opposition to Mr Trump taking the world’s top job.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Mr Obama was genuinely hoping for a smooth transition between himself and Mr Trump.
While it is usual for journalists to travel with the president-elect following an election, Mr Trump decided he didn’t want media with him to report on his first meeting with Mr Obama.
The new president was accompanied by his wife Melania, who will talk to current First Lady Michelle Obama.
Mr Obama has already phoned Mr Trump to congratulate him on his win before the face-to-face meeting.
While he said it was no secret that he and Mr Trump had major differences of opinion, he called on the US to accept the result of the presidential election.
Mr Obama said: “We are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.” And, he went on to urge his own supporters to give Mr Trump a chance to lead America.
However, calls for unity have fallen on deaf ears. There have been a series of protests across the US, with protestors chanting: “Not my president.”
Sixty-five people were arrested in New York as thousands of people marched on Trump Tower, while tear gas was hurled by riot police in Oakland, California as they tried to get control of a crowd hurling missiles at officers and breaking windows of local businesses.

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