We’re getting deeper and deeper into the season. You are still in the position to make changes to your fantasy team. The biggest issues is knowing who to go with. This season has constantly been up and down. Even the top teams in the league are questionable. The 15-1 Carolina Panthers went into Thursday’s game at 3-6. They’re closer to losing as many as they won, last year. The same goes with the players. They have their great games and their mediocre to terrible games. Here is a list of the players that you may be overlooking for Week 11:

James White, RB New England Patriots

Throughout the season, you haven’t heard too much about White. This should all change, going into their next game with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers defense has given up the most fantasy league points, this season. This includes rushing yards and touchdowns. The 49ers helped Tim Hightower and Mark Ingram become highlights in the fantasy league, when they played them two weeks ago. It is expected that James White and LeGarrette Blount will have similar finishes. White is expected to produce good back-up RB numbers or even better.

Colin Kaepernick, QB San Francisco 49ers

Kaepernick has worked himself up to the top 10 list of quarterbacks in the fantasy league for the past two weeks. One of the reasons Kaepernick has improved is because he is forced to play from behind for the past two weeks. Analysts see this is happening again, when the 49ers go up against the New England Patriots. When they played each other in 2012, Kaepernick threw for four touchdowns and 221 passing yards. Kaepernick is the perfect backup option, but you should also consider starting the quarterback this week for the 10 and 12 team leagues. This looks like another top-10 performance.