UKIP leader Nigel Farage has arrived at Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump.
Mr Farage will become the first British politician to meet Mr Trump since his shock election win.
The interim UKIP leader has already told Prime Minister Theresa May that she will have to “mend fences” with the President-elect if she is to ensure a continuing special relationship between Britain and the US.
Strangely, Mr Farage refused to tell journalists what he was doing, instead saying he was arriving in New York as a tourist.
The two men, both controversial figures, formed a bond during the US election campaign, with Mr Trump calling Mr Farage “Mr Brexit” and even asking him to appear alongside him at a rally.
Mr Trump often pointed to Brexit during his campaign. He said that Brexit caused a huge upset in British politics and that the Republicans could cause just such an upset in the US.
Mr Farage, is becoming an increasingly well known figure in America. Appearing on Fox news he said that Mrs May and her team had been “rude” about Mr Trump and that she needed to change her rhetoric towards him.
He says he hopes that Mr Trump and Mrs May can develop a Thatcher-Reagan style relationship when they meet in the New Year.
Mr Farage said: “He understands and recognises what our two great nations have done together between us. And thank goodness we’re coming to the end of an American president who loathed us.”
However, he said that Mrs May had fences to mend because she had been “quite rude” about Mr Trump.
Mr Farage said: “I think he’s got to meet her … We can have a sensible trade relationship, cut tariffs, we’re massive investors in each other’s countries. There’s a bright future.”
His comments follow jokes which were heavily criticised as being sexist when Mr Farage referred to groping claims surrounding Mr Trump, saying that the new president should “schmooze” Mrs May but “don’t touch her for goodness sake”.
Insiders say that ministers will be using Mr Farage as an unofficial intermediary to speak with Mr Trump to make sure the special relationship between the two countries continues.
Because Mr Farage has links with the President-elect’s inner circle, he is thought to be an important cog in the wheel when it comes to reaching deals with Mr Trump.

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