During mid-flight, Virgin Airlines plane that departed from San Francisco to Boston was delayed due to the cabin crew realizing there was someone the plane whose Wi-Fi hotspot had been named as ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7.’

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been referred to as a federal crime if one takes it aboard a plane due to its defaults that have resulted in several explosions and burning young children.

The company in South Korea have recalled back all the devices and have ceased further continuation into its distribution.

The Worrisome Discovery

A software engineer aboard the flight, Lucas Wojciechowski tweeted the cabin crew announcement where they requested to whoever possesses the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone, to please press on their call button so they may be approached and the matter dealt with.

The announcement added by saying if the person does not come forward, they will resort to searching all bags aboard the plane, as this is not a trivial matter.

The Galaxy Note 7 Owner Speaks Up

The captain of the flight made an announcement as well after the cabin crew where he said “I don’t know if you’ve ever been diverted at 3 am. Let me tell you, it is terrible,” adding on that at that point there is absolutely nothing that will be open in the terminal.

Eventually at some point the guilty passenger did come forth and the cabin crew announced they had found the device, saying “Luckily only the name of the device was changed to Galaxy Note 7. It was not a GN7.”

Journalist Serenity Caldwell, who works with iMore, tweeted that she found extremely long queues when she was waiting at the gate for her flight, only to realize her flight had been cancelled and a few hours passed to get an urgent replacement plane.

Caldwell was then told that upon mid-flight a Wi-Fi hotspot with the name of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was found, ultimately resulting in this chaos at the gate.