When you look back to how people used to run their businesses, you can easily see how technology has had a major influence on the way businesses are ran today. These same tools are available to help build your business and become more successful. Here are a list of tools for every area of your business.


Although you will continue to see billboards, direct mail, and phone book ads, these forms of advertising are not the best option for growing your company. With online marketing, you determine who your market is and focus directly on engaging them. At the same time, you are paying less money for marketing on social media, content marketing, and online advertising. A key tool in online marketing is Google Analytics, which provides an extensive amount of useful data to gain a better understanding of your website’s traffic and how well your marketing is currently working.


Tech tools have also made managing your staff much easier with the latest technological innovations, such as When I Work and Jobber. Now, your mobile phone can be used to schedule the shifts for your employees or perform an evaluation and review for an employee.

If you are a CEO that manages various projects, which involves multiple team members, you will need a management tool like Podio. With Podio, you are able to set deadlines, communicate project details, and manage tasks. It also includes an internal instant messenger to simplify your communication.


It is rare to hear someone speak of balancing a checkbook. Instead of recording your financial transactions in a tiny paper book, you can use a powerful accounting tool called FreshBooks. This tool will allow you to send invoices, pay your staff, and view your bank accounts online. Most banks are up-to-speed with technology and now, you can simply take a photo of a check and make a deposit from your phone.