LogRhythm, a renowned American dedicated in safeguarding from hackers have just released a worrisome statement in which they forecasted that sometime in 2017 cyber hackers will have complete control over the internet, along with some regions of the power grid as well.

According to the company, if the internet gets shut down for just one day, a colossal plummet for financial markets will inevitably result, adding that they have seen a similar attack already occur in 2016 when Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix were all temporarily taken hold of.

LogRhythm’s chief information security officer, James Carder claims that those previous attacks were just a taste of what is to come, and if hackers are able to take out large websites like those down, along with an enormous portion of American internet as well for a mere few hours, then no doubt a 24 hour program can be achieved soon.

Deliberate Anarchy

The company stated that power grids will also be targeted and taken down, which would ultimately lead to the distrust towards the government from citizens, leading to further chaos and disarray, as large infrastructures will also go down in the attack.

Cyber attackers apparently will be targeting some of the most prominent news agencies such as CNN and Fox News for instance, in order to “keep people in the dark.”

Benefit for the Few

A huge domino effect will come about such alleged future cyber-attacks, and one such example would be the creation of individual and different cybersecurity networks within each nation that would force them to only follow by their own guidelines.

Another deadly result would be in the psychological sense, whereby the hackers would take advantage and control over social media outlets in order to alter the messages spread to the public and manipulate the entire meaning, which obviously would cause an endless threat towards anyone.