As the year has come to a close, potential cyber security targets are being listed for the time to come. Predictions have been made regarding all the hot upcoming targets for hackers.

Fantasy Sports Sites

Primary fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel have been making the news quite often. They became the focus of the U.S Attorney General who wanted to categorize them under gambling enterprises, and now they are headlining potential targets for hackers in the time to come.

Experts have agreed that these fantasy football sites are target rich and most likely to be attacked by hackers.

The companies have a lot of credit card information, personal addresses and email addresses which can be obtained by hackers in case of an attack. Apart from this, these companies are also involved in the moving around of money when placing bets.

It has been stated that Americans are spending up to fifteen billion dollars annually on fantasy sports. Now this is a very large sum and likely to make a statement for a hacker.

Professional Services Firms

Recently, a phenomenon by the name of Ransomware has been making waves in the computing world.

This is actually a program which is being used by cyberspace criminals for extortion. The software enables the extortionist to scramble the data stored within a computer and then demand a payment to restore it to its original form.

There are some firms which have been targeted by ransomware, mainly some architectural and law firms, who had their systems compromised through the software. However, it did not attract much attention since these firms did not deal with consumer data.

This trend is going to change soon. Hackers have realized that they can make much more money by compromising the intellectual property of the firms that provide professional services, such as engineering or architectural ones.

Instead of retail companies, hackers can target these firms and extort money from them which they will be paid since these companies value their intellectual property very highly.

Cloud Brokers

Cloud brokers are entities found between cloud customers and their service providers. This in between place that they have is what them an attractive target for hackers.

Companies and enterprises are likely to increase their use of cloud brokers with time, which means that the hackers will also turn towards them rather than going for individual application or devices.

The focus of the hackers will move from the end point to the point in between from where all the data is being passed through.

Healthcare data

Healthcare data collection is now being done with the help of wearable devices. This means that hackers will most likely target these devices in hopes of obtaining personal records and information.

Wearable devices such as Apple watch and Fitbit saw a huge rise in user ship recently. They are all connected to the Internet and store personal information such as heart rate, identification, etc. If this information is compromised it could be damaging for both the health care units and user equally.

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