The heartbroken parents of a nine year old boy who was mowed down by an alleged drunk driver on Christmas Day have had to make the terrible decision to turn off their son’s life support machine.

Josiah Sisson is understood to have been run over by a utility truck while looking at Christmas lights with his brother. He was rushed to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital near Brisbane, Australia, where medics battled to save his life.

However, his parents were forced to turn off his life support machine on Tuesday when he showed no signs of recovery. According to police officers, a 24 year old driver failed to take a corner properly, hitting a parked car before running over little Josiah.

Horrified witnesses said the vehicle continued after hitting the little boy, ploughing into a water tank and then into a house. In a statement issued on behalf of his devastated family, pastor Peter Field described Josiah as “an incredibly happy-go-lucky, joyful little boy”.


Incredibly, Pastor Field said that Josiah’s mother and father had already said they would forgive the driver. He said that his family believed in the power of forgiveness and were now coming to terms with the Christmas tragedy.

Neighbours rushed out from their homes after hearing the boy’s older brother screaming. They performed CPR in a bid to save him while his parents ran to the scene of the accident. THe little boy was rushed straight to hospital for treatment, but tragically could not be saved.

One neighbour said that the boy’s mum was sick in their garden while his dad kept trying to talk to him. The neighbour, whose house the car damaged, said the boy was bleeding heavily from head, body and leg wounds. The driver has been questioned by police, but so far no charges have been brought.