President Donald Trump has already issued an executive order to make sure that one of his key campaign pledges is carried through. The new president has put forward an order for a huge wall to be constructed across the US border with Mexico.

He has also taken action to take funds away from cities in America which provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. And, he even said in a televised interview that he was 100 per cent sure Mexico would pay for the 2,000 mile wall. Signing the order, he said: “We’ve been talking about this right from the beginning.”

The controversial president is also temporarily banning immigration from a number of Muslim counties he says pose a threat to UK security. These are Syria, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. He is also set to consider whether regulation which protects the children of illegal immigrants from deportation should be removed.

Federal funds

In his first few days as president, he is due to earmark federal cash to build the infamous wall as well as stopping admission of all refugees for a period of four months. There will, however, be exceptions for Christians and other minorities who are claiming asylum on the basis they are escaping Muslim persecution.

Visas from the seven countries highlights will be stopped before President Trump says these countries are “terror prone”. Plans for the wall are due to be passed immediately, while the other policy decisions could be in force within days. Before signing the orders, he tweeted that he had a big day planned for national security, adding: “Among many other things, we will build the wall!”

Stephen Legomsky, who was chief counsel at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services during the Obama administration, pointed out that President Trump did have the power to limit numbers of refugees coming in from certain countries if his administration felt that it was action necessary to protect the public.