A husband who had made up his own fantasy world poisoned his wife with laxatives to the point she feared she was dying, while taking her money. David Thomas Smith made up claims that he was a British SAS hero of the Iranian embassy siege.

His wife Elizabeth feared that she was dying after he laced her food with drugs. She had sickness and diarrhoea every day, which left her thin and so unwell that she could not stand. However, medics could find no reason for her illness and she was left fearing that she was dying from a mystery condition.

Not that she knows the truth, Mrs Smith has described her former partner as an “evil compulsive liar”. He fed her laxatives in the hope that she would be so unwell, she would not notice that he was taking up to £350 every day from her bank account.

Seven months after the couple married, she made the shocking discovery that the person she thought loved her had been feeding her laxatives and stealing her cash. When she confronted him, he claimed that the had cancer and sent her a picture showing a tube up his nose.

Claims rubbished

However, Mrs Smith still went to the authorities, as well as contacting his former wife, who told her that his story about being in the SAS was total rubbish. He is now facing jail after pleading guilty to culpably and recklessly administering laxatives between March 2012 and July 2015.

Sixty two year old Mrs Smith said she had now decided to speak out about her ordeal as a warning to other women who may get involved with him. She said she had heard that he had a girlfriend and did not want her to be fooled in the same way she had. The couple first met when Smith spotted her while she was shopping in Ayr, Scotland, where she lives and runs a beauty business. They married in 2015.