A British man sentenced to life in jail in the US for a double murder he says he did not commit has been struck down by a life threatening flesh eating infection – and is being denied treatment in hospital for the condition.

Seventy seven year old Krishna Maharaj was once the second biggest racehorse owner in the UK. Before he was jailed, he was worth more than a million. However, 30 years ago, he was found guilty of murdering Derrick and Duane Moo Young in Miami’s Dupont Plaza hotel.

He was on death row for 15 years following his conviction, before his sentence was reduced to one of life in jail. Now, he is imprisoned at the South Florida Reception Center. Maharaj has always proclaimed that he did not kill the men and that Colombian drug cartels were responsible for the murders.

Close to death

Six years ago, he contracted the flesh eating bug necrotizing fasciitis, and came close to dying. However, his lawyer Clive Stafford Smith says that he is now close to death once more after being diagnosed with the infection again, this time in his leg. Maharaj has now drafted a letter to the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, demanding that he steps in to make sure he is taken to hospital to receive treatment.

He asks Mr Johnson to help him urgently, saying that he will lose his leg and his life if he does not receive urgent medical attention. The last time Maharaj fell ill, his wife Marita said she did not know whether he was alive or dead because prison officials would not tell her about his condition. Maharaj is originally from Trinidad but moved to Peckham in South London in the Sixties. With a start up loan of £1,500, he developed a food import business and made a fortune.