Speculation has been rife that rapper Kanye West will be making a surprise appearance at Donald Trump’s inauguration ever since the pair were pictured meeting at Trump Towers. However, Tom Barrack, who is heading up Mr Trump’s inaugural committee, has quashed rumours once and for all, saying that the event was categorically “not the venue” for the rapper to perform at.

It was thought that Mr Trump might ask the Gold Digger hitmaker to perform at his ceremony as it is understood that he has struggled to find well-known musicians willing to sing at the event. So far, those confirmed are the country star Toby Keith, who has faced criticism by saying he will not apologise for performing at the inauguration, and the America’s Got Talent singer Jackie Evancho.

Not the right venue

Mr Barrack said that the team had not approached Mr West to perform. He added: “He considers himself a friend of the President-Elect, but it’s not the venue.” He said that the venue was perfect and the event would be “typically and traditional American”. While Mr West was a great guy, he added, he had not been asked to perform.

Mr Trump and Mr West were pictured meeting each other at Trump Tower in New York at the end of last year after the President-elect’s shock victory against his rival Hillary Clinton. Mr Trump refused to give details about what they talked about, saying only that they had chatted about “life”.

Later, Mr West said that the pair had talked about a whole range of things, including multicultural issues, bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums in school, and issues of violence in Chicago. He told reporters that it was vital to have a direct line of communication with the incoming president. Mr West has also hinted that he is planning to run as president himself, tweeting #2024.