British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was trying to give a speech to highlight abuses of human rights. But, his address was dramatically halted when protestors arrived to stage a protest about Labour’s response to the crisis in Syria.

Led by protestor Peter Tatchell, demonstrators arrived waving banners and demanding that air drops be carried out to help the troubled nation. Mr Tachell said he felt he had no choice but to take action as a result of what he said was Mr Corbyn’s failure to act to help stop the killing of civilians.

He asked whey the Labour Party leader had failed to speak out to ask for air drops from the UK to help civilians who are dying in huge numbers. At the time of the outburst, Mr Corbyn was on stage with Baroness Chakrabati, who is shadow foreign secretary, along with the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, and Dawn Butler, who is shadow diversity minister.


The whole event seemed to descend into chaos with those on stage appearing to forget they were wearing microphones. Baroness Chakrabati told Mr Corbyn to just let protestors get on with hit, while Mr Thornberry asked: “When did we condemn the bombing?”

Mr Tachell has already criticised the Labour leader for not speaking out against Russia. However, Mr Corbyn insists that he has condemned Russia’s bombing of civilians in Syria. At first, Mr Corbyn tried to get the protestors to leave until he changed tactics and asked them for questions. He said that they had protested together in the name of human rights and could do so again.

Eventually, he gave up and left the stage before returning to say: “Just to be absolutely clear, our shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has made it absolutely clear that we do think there should be aid, we do think there should be a ceasefire, we do think bombing should stop.”