Former Conservative Scottish secretary Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, has criticised Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon over her “antics” over Brexit, telling her she should “butt out.”

He cited her efforts should be used to find solutions for rising unemployment and other problems Scotland has.

Sturgeon has used the threat of a second independent Scotland referendum to try and leverage influence over Brexit and has thrown down stark warnings of how close a referendum is should Britain leave the single market, which is set to do.

Foreign Affairs

Lord Forsyth who was speaking at a debate in the House of Lords said, “One thing that the Liberals and the SNP have in common is that they are crying out for more referendums, but at the same time won’t accept the result of referendums when people actually vote.

“I suggest to the First Minister that she sticks to her day job and concentrates on unemployment and the problems in the health service and the problems in education and the problems elsewhere, and perhaps doesn’t get involved in foreign affairs.”

He went on to say that a priority should be a swift resolution over the position of EU citizens living in Britain.  To do this Lord Forsyth suggested is to trigger Article 50 and negotiate with Brussels to allow European citizens to stay in the countries where they have settled.

He added that the idea that three million people were going to be expelled from Scotland was something that nobody believed, and that it was irresponsible to suggest it due to anxiety and fears generated.

His sentiments on the rights of EU nationals living in Britain and British nationals living outside of Britain in Europe had to be settled.  Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town said that Brexit has spoken and now Brexit had to think about these people.