The pressure on British Prime Minister Theresa May to admit what she knew about the Trident missile test failure is intensifying.

The missile which failed to his its test target by flying in the wrong direction occurred a few weeks before a crucial vote to renew the programme.

In a BBC TV interview Theresa May failed to answer the question was she aware of the failed test four times, using her true to form answering a different question than the one put to her.

The Sunday Times newspaper reported that a test launch of Trident II D5 missile off the coast of Florida was to hit a target near the West African coast.  Instead it veered off course heading towards America.

May did not mention this in a speech to MPs before the vote.  During the vote she urged MPs to back the plan to invest billions in renewing the missile system.

“Pretty catastrophic error”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, described the failed test as a “pretty catastrophic error”.

He said, “We understand the Prime Minister chose not to inform Parliament, and instead it came out through the media.

“It’s a pretty catastrophic error when a missile goes in the wrong direction and while it wasn’t armed, goodness knows what the consequences of that could have been.”

Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary said, “This report of a Trident missile veering off course during a test is clearly a very serious matter indeed, and we need to know exactly what happened.

“Furthermore, it is completely unacceptable that today the Prime Minister chose to sidestep questions on the test and would not even tell us when she knew about the incident.

“I am demanding the Prime Minister come to Parliament tomorrow to give a full explanation to MPs.”

Disastrous Interview

When asked what she knew of the incident May replied, “I have absolute faith in our Trident missiles. It was about whether or not we should renew Trident, whether we should look to the future and have a replacement Trident.

“I think we should defend our country, I think we should play our role in NATO with an independent nuclear deterrent. Jeremy Corbyn thinks differently.”

She failed to answer the question three more times.