At least 100 people are reported to have been injured in a train derailment at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. Investigators are still on the scene, and it is not yet known what caused the train to come off the tracks at the height of this morning’s rush hour.

In images, smoke can been seen billowing from the train, which hit a bumper on the platform, breaking a glass door. A number of passengers could be seen slumped on the floor, following the accident at 8.20am, as they received medical attention from paramedics. Those who suffered minor injuries could be seen holding ice packs to their faces.

Witnesses say that they were standing close to the doors ready to get off at the station, when the train suddenly crashed. One said that the train made a horrendous screeching noise and jolted to a sudden stop. They added: “One of the doors shattered and we all fell on top of each other.”

Dust and smoke

Another commuter, who had been standing on the platform, said there was screeching before the station was filled with dust and smoke. Dozens of people were injured and stretchered out of the station for further treatment. Meanwhile, it took officials half an hour to evacuate passengers from the scene, following the crash.

It is understood that most injuries are minor, with the most serious being a broken leg. Most of those who were injured were those who had been standing up waiting to get off at the stop.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the train had ploughed through a bumper, where it was supposed to stop. An investigation about why the train failed to stop has now been launched, although Long Island Rail Road has not yet given any explanation about what may have happened, simply warning people to be aware that there could be delays to the service following the incident.