Roy Cooper, a Democrat, vanquished the occupant Republican representative, Pat McCrory, and as the state lawyer general, he said he was examining the legitimateness of the Republican proposition. “They will see me in court,” he cautioned.

After Republicans, who have substantial greater parts in the General Assembly, called a shock exceptional session Wednesday, they presented measures that included completion the new representative’s control over race sheets, requiring State Senate endorsement of his bureau individuals and stripping his energy to select University of North Carolina trustees. In the event that the measures pass and are marked into law by Mr. McCrory, they would radically restrict Mr. Cooper’s energy when he takes office Jan. 1.

In a news meeting, the representative choose impacted officials for plotting subtly for a considerable length of time to present the bills. He contrasted the move with the institution this spring of North Carolina’s “restroom charge,” known as House Bill 2, which invalidated insurances for gay and transgender occupants. Some say the law, which brought blacklists by games alliances and a few organizations, contributed fundamentally to Mr. McCrory’s misfortune. His was the main senator’s seat in the nation that Republicans neglected to hang on Election Day, even as Donald J. Trump won here.

“We don’t need another debacle like House Bill 2,” Mr. Cooper said. “This is precisely why we had issues with House Bill 2, since they needed to do it in mystery,” he said.

Mr. McCrory yielded the race a week ago following an about month-long test of the vote, a hard-battled race following four years in which bound together Republican control of state government brought an influx of limitations on voting access, fetus removal and gay rights.

Equitable pioneers blamed Republicans for attempting to fix the race comes about. “This is a phenomenal, despicable and fainthearted power get from the Republicans,” said Jamal Little, a representative for the state’s Democratic Party. “In the wake of losing the senator’s office, the G.O.P. – controlled General Assembly is endeavoring to clutch control that voters detracted from them.”

A Republican pioneer in the House, David R. Lewis, protected the moves, telling correspondents on Wednesday that Republicans would “work to set up that we will keep on being a pertinent gathering in overseeing the state.”