Hysteric and frantic reports have surfaced from patients in hospitals situated all over Britain as the NHS has been undergoing an extremely overcrowded crisis with all their patients.

Emergency care facilities along with bed spaces have been lacking by the NHS, that a black alert was forced to be issued as a result, as several patients could not be attended to.

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has denied to the public that a humanitarian crisis is currently taking place within the NHS, a claim that had been announced by the British Red Cross.

A Patient Speak Up

Sylvie Newman, 63, from Worcester expressed her shock as her husband, a man whose family has endured heart diseases, was having difficulty breathing on New Year’s Eve.

Newman then went on to say that when the paramedics arrived and took him to a hospital, they had left the man in the trolley for almost half a day. “A trolley isn’t the right place to put a person having a heart attack.” Newman infuriatingly remarked.

Newman did praise the NHS staff nonetheless once her husband was admitted and treated, as they had constantly kept her up to track regarding his progress.

The problem she stated was that they had been undergoing an extremely tense state of pressure, and this serves as a troubling matter for the future of medical and health services.

More in Line

Robert Woodbridge, 57, from Kent also recalled the moment that his wife had suffered a stroke, but no staff were able to attend to her during the emergency.

Woodbridge also praised the NHS as a whole for their diligence and efforts in general, but claims that the blame here isn’t them as much as it would be the British government.

According to Woodbridge, the government do not prioritize the funds that are necessary in aiding the healthcare services, adding that the elites in the government have made such reckless decisions.