A 44-year-old gunman who had a record of violent criminal offenses shot an officer in the head, then ran to hide inside a random home with two others in Mount Vernon.

Negotiators sent by the authorities and the SWAT Team together stood cautiously outside the home for roughly seven hours, awaiting any further moves to be made by the gunman.


At around 1 a.m. the police broke into the house, firing tear gas within the household, and arrested all three men, according to Sgt. Kaith Leary from the State Patrol of Washington.

There were no shots fired at anyone as the police barged into the house to make the arrest, and it is still unclear of whether or not the two other people with the shooter are accomplices to the crime, or if they are deemed to be hostages.

Nonetheless, the police have taken them into custody and regarded them as people of interest for the case. The 30 year old veteran officer that was shot in the head was not killed, and was hospitalized immediately after the gunshot that he had received.

The officer apparently was one of a few other officers that rushed to the scene upon hearing about a man being shot in a street corner.

Shootings and Motive

As him and a few others arrived, the gunman began to shoot at them, eventually shooting the officer in the head. As soon as the gunman ran to hide in the home, he resumed firing shots at the officers outside.

The motive for these shootings is yet to be revealed, as the story is developing. As a result of the hostile situation and regarding the gunman’s violent behavior, nearby roads were forced to be closed and neighbors in the area were requested to take shelter in the Salem Lutheran Church.