Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister has said he is ready to talk to Donald Trump’s new administration about a range of issues including nuclear weapons and Syria.

Speaking at an annual press conference he dismissed the “dirty dossier” and spoke on issues he felt the two countries could agree on any forthcoming negotiations.  He said that the two countries could solve many of the world’s problems.

Trump has always been an advocate of improved ties with Russia which has put him at odds with his own intelligence agencies who claim that Russia hacked the Democratic Party servers during the election campaign.

This has been denied by Russia.  It has also denied allegations in the dossier which surfaced last week, written by an ex MI6 agent Christopher Steele which suggest that Trump is compromised by Russia.

Both Lavrov and Putin said the document was a hoax.

Pragmatic Relationship

Speaking on the new administration, Lavrov said he was encouraged by the tenor of the new administration and though it is early days there is some optimism that the two nations could have a pragmatic relationship.

He said, “Trump has a particular set of views which differ a lot from his predecessor.

“By concentrating on a pragmatic search for mutual interests we can solve a lot of problems.”

He went on to say that Syria was one area where the two nations could work together, and welcomed the idea of fighting global terrorism.

He said, “What we hear from Donald Trump (on Syria) and his team speaks to how they have a different approach (to Obama) and won’t resort to double standards.”

Speaking on the idea of Trump removing sanctions in exchange for Russia reducing nuclear warheads, he said to him the interview in The Times newspaper suggested no such thing.

He said, “It’s one of key themes between Russia and the United States. I am convinced we will be able to restart a dialogue on strategic stability with Washington that was destroyed along with everything else by the Obama administration.”

Lavrov went on to say that he believes Rex Tillerson was a good choice for secretary of state.