Jessica Runions, 21, was reported to have disappeared back in September, 2016. As her relatives have been conducting a search for her, they discovered a man’s body that was decomposing in a creek.

The man’s identity was then confirmed to be Brandon Herring, 21, who was from Raytown.

As the search continued on this week, a second man’s body was sighted last Saturday along a roadway in Kansas City in fields within the region.

The authorities have stated that the man’s death was being considered as a suspicious matter, but did not elaborate any further regarding the finding.

The identity of the second man is yet to be concluded by the forensics teams within the near future.

Two in a Row

The discovery of Herring’s body is being treated by the authorities as a case of homicide, and had been confirmed missing last November, 2016.

Jessica’s father, John Runions remarked on these shocking accidental findings by saying that he cannot possibly believe that they have found two bodies in two weeks by accident.

Mr. Runions added that they will continue to search for his daughter, and that if more bodies of others are discovered along the way, then it would serve to be positive matter because “families deserve closure.”

One Man to Look At

Jessica was last seen after she had been with several friends in the southern area of Kansas City and had left the gathering with Kylr Yust, 28.

Two days later her 2012 Chevrolet Equinox was sighted and had been burnt.

Yust was then charged with the burning of the vehicle, but pleaded not guilty to the matter.

Yust was also considered a probable suspect after his ex-girlfriend Kara Kopetsky, 17, had also been confirmed missing back in 2007. However, Yust was not charged with both disappearances as of now, according to the authorities.