Former Fox News host Julien Huddy, 47, had previously filed a lawsuit against renowned Fox News host Bill O’ Reilly in which she claims that he had sexually harassed her.

This lawsuit had come around the same time that former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes had decided to resign from the network due to accusations and a lawsuit that was filed against him as well for sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson.

Huddy had written a letter in which she declared that she will sue O’ Reilly because he had allegedly proposed several things to her that involved an inappropriate and non-consensual sexual matter, including attempting to kiss her as he paid a visit to her home once, along with calling her several times and making “inappropriate” remarks and statements.

An Eye for an Eye

Within the letter Huddy had written she also states that because she had rejected the moves made on her by O’ Reilly, she was removed from the show although she had earned some of the highest rated segments apparently.

Huddy went on to state that O’Reilly had also constantly requested for Abernethy to visit his office, in which she just recently had been assigned as the co-president of the Fox News network.

One Gone, One to Go

The lawsuit filed by Huddy came just a few weeks after Ailes had stepped down from the network back in July.

However, a spokesperson for Fox News claims that the letter Huddy had written in which she seeks to sue had contained too many falsifications of the matter and that both men she had mentioned in the letter had fervently denied the claims that were made against them.

Huddy afterwards moved to Fox 5 New York in July but left it in September, a move she expressed with deep joy by saying that this decision has allowed her to feel like a part of the community once again.