COPYRIGHT PHOTOGRAPH BY ALAN DAVIDSON 15/10/2002 Phillip Green with his wife Tina tonight announced the acquisition of "Arcadia" with makes him the largest high street store owner in Europe he is seen with his wife Tina and Arcadias COE Stuart Rose at a Christmas Launch party at the Oxford Street Branch of BHS Tuesday Night

Sir Philip Green is embroiled in a scandal after leaving thousands of former BHS workers without pensions.
But his wife Tina is showing no sign of curbing her spending. The 67-year-old is reported to be behind a company which has spent more than £10 million on a townhouse in London.
Meanwhile, BHS staff who lost their jobs are still waiting to find out what has happened to their pension pot and whether they will ever see their money, following the collapse of the High Street retailer.
BHS went into administration after Sir Philip sold the chain for just £1 to Dominic Chappell. At the time of the sale, there was a £571 million deficit to the pension scheme.
Sir Phillip has since been dubbed “Sir Shifty” and there have been calls for him to be stripped of his knighthood.
Lady Green is now reported to have purchased a six-bedroom home in plush Belgravia.
The family would appear to have gone through a number of steps to attempt to hide the purchase. The house was first purchased by a family friend, before being transferred to Mottistone Holdings Ltd, which is a recently formed company based in the British Virgin Islands.
The company paid around £100,000 more than the Green’s friend had.
A second address for the firm is listed as being in the same Monaco office as Lady Green’s interior design company.
When questioned about the property, Sir Philip said he knew nothing about it.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Sir Philip and Lady Green said she had not received any money from BHS for more than a decade.
However, the purchase is likely to anger the 22,000 former BHS workers who risk losing at least part of their pension.
Sir Philip is understood to have assured MPs more than two months ago that he would come up with a solution to the pensions crisis.
It is understood that he offered to pay £250 million out of his own pocket.
However, that figure is still well short of what the Pensions Regulator is thought to be prepared to accept.
The Regulator has now launched a legal claim against Sir Philip in a bid to force him to resolve the situation once and for all.
However, industry analysts believe that the dispute could drag on for at least a decade, leaving former workers out of pocket.

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