382382 03: (FILE PHOTO) Judge Robert Rosenberg of the Broward County Canvassing Board uses a magnifying glass to examine a dimpled chad on a punch card ballot November 24, 2000 during a vote recount in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On May 4, 2001 the Florida state legislature overwhelmingly passed a voting reform act designed to eliminate the controversial punch card ballots which were the focal point of recount efforts in the 2000 presidential election. (Photo by Robert King/Newsmakers)

Jill Stein Green Party presidential hopeful petitioned for a vote recount in Wisconsin Friday, in the wake of raising a great many dollars for the exertion. Stein is likewise looking to get a recount in Pennsylvania and Michigan. President-elect Donald Trump won each of the three satisfies. Wisconsin Elections Commission chief Mike Haas said in an announcement, “The Commission is planning to push ahead with a statewide relate of votes in favor of President of the United States, as asked for by these hopefuls.”

“We plan to hold a video chat meeting for area assistants one week from now and envision the describe will start late in the week after the Stein crusade has paid the relate charge, which we are as yet ascertaining,” Haas included. Stein has raised over $5 million in this way, which her crusade says is sufficient to reserve describe endeavors in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Stein is currently endeavoring to raise $7 million to likewise cover the proposed relate in Michigan.

Trump won in Wisconsin by an edge of about 30,000 votes. The possibility of recounting in these three states was raised after PC researchers and race legal counselors reached Hillary Clinton’s group saying they trust the race results were hacked.

Trump won by somewhat more than 10,000 votes in Michigan and under 70,000 votes in Pennsylvania. The outcomes in each of the three states would need to change for Trump to lose the race. Trump’s move group did not give back a demand for input.

The due date to petition for a Pennsylvania recount is Monday and for Michigan is Wednesday. Other states are attempting to record enough signatures to call for a recount in their areas. Donald Trump will not be sworn in as president, until January of 2017.