A marketing boss has lost an incredible 10 stone after she was fat shamed by her former boyfriend. Twenty five year old Hayley Westoby’s weight had soared to 18st 7lb while she was in her first year at university, as she binged on junk food and booze.

However after an ex boyfriend criticised her weight gain, she lost 10st 2lb after ditching the alcohol and junk food and heading to the gym. Now is weighs in at 8st 5lb and buys size 10 clothes. Ms Westoby is so determined to maintain her healthy weight and lifestyle that she gets up at 5.30am every day to go to the gym and she is now tee-total.

She said that before she was called fat, she hadn’t realised how much weight she had gained, because it had happened gradually after she started university. She said she had gained the so-called Fresher 10, the 10lb that new students are said to put on, and then she continued piling on the pounds.

Healthy lifestyle

However, she added: “After the shock of realising how much weight I had put on had worn off, it made me look at my party lifestyle and I realised I had actually let myself go.” Ms Westoby said she set herself a target of losing just 5kg to start with but when the weight quickly fell off, she was motivated to keep going and taught herself about a healthy lifestyle as she went.

She said she was very proud of her weight loss and vowed never to be embarrassed as a result of her body. She said that she had been very fit and healthy before starting university, but after damaging her knee when she was 18 found she was no longer able to go running. No exercise combined with a student lifestyle meant she quickly gained weight.