A terrified puppy has been rescued from a burning building, covered in soot. Eight week old Labrador Retriever was scared, but has now recovered from her ordeal.

Her owner Kayleigh Coates, 28, was woken by her smoke alarm just after midnight when a blaze took hold at her home in County Durham. She realised that she had left a hob on her gas cooker which has caused the fire.

Fire Fighters and paramedics rushed to the scene of the fire, and Ms Coates was bluelighted to hospital, where she was kept in overnight for observation. The fire caused extensive damage to the kitchen of her home, where little Lara had been asleep, as well as causing damage to other areas in the home.

Covered in soot

When they got to the scene, paramedics realised that there was a dog needing help, and they called an emergency vet, who treated the pup for the effects of smoke inhalation. The scared pet was also covered in soot and needed a clean up. The pooch was placed in an oxygen tent overnight because of fears that she may have been suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning or cyanide.

She has now made a full recovery and is back at home with Ms Coates and her boyfriend Liam Willis, 27. The couple had only bought the dog five days before the fire, because they wanted to celebrate having lived in their new house together for a year.

Wilson Vets clinical director Jennifer Long said that the little dog had been covered in so much soot that she was unrecognisable as a golden retriever. She added that the dog had been incredibly lucky to survive. The couple are devastated that their home has been damaged, but incredibly relieved that their pet is safe and sound.