A primary school teacher who had begged midwives for a C-section died just hours after giving birth to her son, an inquest has been told. Frances Cappuccini was in labour for 12 hours before she was finally allowed to have the C-section she had asked for.

However, eight hours after giving birth to Giacomo, the 30 year old was dashed to theatre for emergency surgery because medics had left part of her placenta in her body when they performed the procedure.

Her husband has revealed that his wife heartbreakingly asked him to look after the boys if anything should happen to her. She also begged medics to save her life. However, after the emergency surgery, she died of heart failure because her body had lost so much blood.


Her devastated family say they believe her death may not have happened if she had been able to have an elective C-section as required hours earlier. The NHS trust involved has admitted liability in connection with her death, but says the outcome would have been no different if she had been given the procedure earlier.

The inquest heard that Mrs Cappuccini, from Kent, had gone through a difficult birth with her first son Luca and was worried about another labour. She was booked in for a planned Caesarian in October 2012, but went into labour two days before this. Her husband says they had already had advice from a consultant that she should not have a natural birth and that she could not have an epidural because of liver problems.

However, when she arrived already in labour, midwives said she should not make a decision based on “pain and fear” and that there was no reason she could not have a natural birth. However, after making no progress after 12 hours, she was taken in for an emergency C-section. The inquest is set to last 10 days.