British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has just criticized John Kerry’s latest denunciating speech towards Israel, which has served as a rather rare occasion in the first place.

The prime minister’s criticism has as a result strengthened the relationship between Britain and the Trump administration which will be set in place in a few weeks.

The unexpected tension between the United States and Britain has led to the realization of the so called ‘lame-duck’ White House’s downfall.

Allies of the United States have been busy repositioning their stances in order to be on the side of their best interests and be approved by the next administration.

A Shocking Critique

May’s recent critique and bashing against John Kerry comes as a huge surprise, given the fact that her government had previously been a key player in order to settle Palestinian and U.S. interests.

This has been prior to the U.N. resolution that had been voted on, and also declared as well that the Israeli settlements that are being constructed on the Green Borders of the Palestinian land are in fact illegal.

Kerry’s Condemnation

Last Wednesday U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies and agenda, and said that his coalition consists of the some of the most extreme rightwing factors that have existed in the history of Israel.

Kerry added in his speech that permission of the continuation of further illegal Israeli settlements to be constructed within the West Bank of Jerusalem serve as a giant hindrance and threat to the possible two-state solution in the future between Israelis and Palestinians.

However, May’s response was quite conflicting to Kerry’s, as she stated that these settlements are not the main or only problematic factor for the whole issue, and that the citizens of Israel deserve to live freely and safely distant from any terrorist attacks which they have allegedly endured for quite a duration of time now.