Britain is set to deploy thousands of extra police around the country amidst fears of a terror attack on New Year’s Eve.

Thousands of extra officers will be deployed.  Most cities in the UK have increased security at big events following the Berlin Christmas market attack that killed twelve people.

In London, security barriers have been erected around Trafalgar Square, and three thousand extra officers will be deployed on Saturday.  Scotland Yard has stated that it is not acting on specific intelligence.

Phil Langworthy, the Met Police spokesperson for New Year’s Eve said, “It is an exciting time of year and we want all who come to central London to have a good time.

“Officers have been planning for several months for New Year’s Eve, and that plan remains under constant review. This is not as a result of any specific intelligence.

“Officers will be out and about to deter criminals and keep crowds safe but we need you to do your bit to look after yourself and those around you as well.

“If you see anything suspicious or that causes you any concern please tell a police officer or steward. Keep an eye on your belongings and only bring what you need.

“I would also urge you to plan your journey. If you have a ticket for the fireworks, arrive in plenty of time as there will be search entries so it will take longer to get into the viewing area.”

Trafalgar Square is a traditional place for people to meet and celebrate New Year in London.  Roads in the centre of London will be closed from 2pm local time, as will Westminster, Blackfriars, and Lambeth bridges.

The police have stated they are working with Transport for London, Westminster council, and the British Transport Police to ensure that all events go to plan.