Authorities of Mississippi have stated that a tornado that had struck through the area of Hattiesburg within the south central region of the state has resulted in four deaths.

The tornado crossed through on Saturday and all four deaths were confirmed by the emergency management of Forrest County along with the city of Hattiesburg.

Scores of others who were injured have been reported after the incident, with areas around the Lamar and Perry counties also reported to have been struck.

The tornado had struck the region around the early hour of around 4 a.m. with terrifyingly powerful winds that overwhelmed several blocks based within the city.

Extensive damage has been reported to the area, with several buildings being demolished, power lines being cut down, and roofs of several buildings to have been completely sliced off.

An Attack of Nature

There have been several tornado warnings issued the past month for several states in the U.S. and the tornadoes that have come and go had not resulted in any reported deaths or major destruction.

However, Johnny DuPree, the Mayor of Hattiesburg states that multiple buildings within the city had been severely damaged due to the incredible storm that struck them.

Indoor as Un-Safe as Outdoor

About 48,000 residents are currently inhabited in the area of Hattiesburg, and according to Mayor DuPree, he states that after the destruction that has resulted, it is safe to say that the mass transit building was also demolished.

Other buildings that endured a heavy blow as well was fire station number 2 located in downtown, which reports say took a powerful direct hit.

Crews from the electrical power companies have been rushing to the scene since several of the power lines had come crushing down after the powerful storm.

The power lines had apparently blocked the path of one of the station’s firetrucks.