A baby dolphin was killed as it was sighted at shallow waters at a beach situated within San Bernardo, Argentina.

As the baby dolphin was sighted by several tourists, they dragged it out of the water in order to take several selfies and the dolphin eventually was dehydrated after being out of the water for too long and died.

The moment the baby mammal was spotted, several tourists rushed to drag it to shore, where several had crowded around it and posed to take their selfies and others petting it.

A Selfish Death

Videos and images of the matter were posted on social media and went viral, resulting in outcries from several.

Claudia, an eyewitness to the ordeal remarked by saying that the mammal was young and that it could have very easily lived if it had been placed back in the water since it was still breathing.

However, everyone crowded around it to take their selfies and petting him, and claimed that the dolphin was dead already. This incident isn’t the first of its kind however.

The Killer Camera

It turns out that back in 2016 a separate event had occurred as well involving also the death of a baby dolphin where it had been pulled out from the water and then held high up by several holiday makers.

They had taken several photos with the dying mammal as well, and it was revealed that the type of dolphin was a rare type called the La Plata, whose life expectancy may reach up to 20 years.

As the dead mammal was on the beach, the tourists who crowded around it continue to pose for more photos.

The moment this incident was publicized on social media, Ricky Gervais slammed those who partook in it and referred to them as nothing less but “stupid c****.”