Two band members from the famous R&B band Tower of Power situated in the Bay Area were reportedly struck by an Amtrak train in the evening of last Thursday and were hospitalized immediately.

According to the firefighters from the scene, they stated that this incident took place between Clay Street and Embarcadero around 8 in the evening.

According to eyewitnesses from the scene, they claim that the whole ordeal was rather peculiar and misleading since the crossing signals had not been lit up, and the lights had apparently stopped flashing after one train had crossed.

The witnesses added that this matter most definitely must have lead these two individuals to believe it should be safe at that point to cross the tracks.

No Warning at All

One eyewitness Hae-Sin Thomas states that “there was no warning, there was no light,” prior to the incident which has sparked questions and concerns regarding the safety of such services and the misleading and dangerous signals it does not provide to the public citizens.

The two band members had been rushed to the Highland hospital in which no statement had been released regarding the severity or condition of their injuries from the crash. Later on in the day the remaining members of the band had disclosed to the public the identity of the two members that were struck.

Band Members Revealed

In the statement released by them they had announced that their drummer David Garibaldi along with their bassist Marc van Wageningen had suffered an unfortunate accident after being struck by an oncoming train in California.

The statement went on to say that both of their members are currently responding to the treatment at the hospital they had been taken to in Oakland.

According to Amtrak officials, they have stated that both members had allegedly been trespassing on the tracks during the time of the incident.