Poor Rating

 A landlord states that customers from pubs tend to threaten off of leaving bad reviews for them on TripAdvisor if they are not reimbursed with a full refund due to them claiming in receiving alleged unfair complaints and criticism.

One user, Piers Baker, 41, stated that he had been contacted regarding a case of food poisoning after some customers had eaten at a diner called The Sun Inn, situated in Dedham.


Mr. Baker said he was contacted a few days after the case had occurred by a person who had eaten a meal with lamb, demanding a complete refund as they fell sick from the meal.

However, Mr. Baker stated to have agreed for a refund under the condition that the customer himself get an official document from a doctor or any related health officials to guarantee that the case is indeed one of food poisoning.

The customer threatened to leave very negative remarks and feedback on TripAdvisor if not given the refund, and indeed went on in doing it only three days later. Mr. Baker expressed his opinion on this matter and said that it frustrates him not if someone simply does not appreciate the style or design of a pub, but rather when someone manipulates and twists the actual facts of an incident.

Common Threats

Apparently, according to Mr. Baker, these types of threats are quite common, and could result from reasons as trivial as them simply not removing an item from the bill.

Mr. Baker went on to say that he wouldn’t want these customers to be paying a visit again anyhow to the pub, and that of the 180 customers that dined that night, they are by far the only ones complaining and claiming they had food poisoning. The negative reviews have now been successfully removed from TripAdvisor.