Khurshed Haydarov, a 25-year-old trucker who had an hours-long standoff at a Missouri rest stop, causing traffic for miles, had been charged for making a terrorist threat with what turned out to be a pellet gun.

Platte County prosecutors charged the 25-year-old Khurshed Haydarov on Saturday with the felony after disturbing the roads with miles of traffic. The disturbance was along Interstate 29 north of Kansas City.

The Suspect

Haydarov, a Philadelphia resident originally from Uzbekistan, spoke very little English and needed a Russian translator during his brief court appearance on Tuesday. A judge put in a plea of not guilty on Haydarov’s behalf, scheduling a Jan 3 hearing to attempt reducing his $100,000 bond.

Witnesses say the man was allegedly pointing a long gun from the cab of a tractor-trailer and aiming passing vehicles. Platte County sheriff Det. Nancy Penrod wrote the weapon’s barrel is a probable cause in a statement.


Penrod said, the deputies reported seeing a man walk onto the running board, urinate and then re-enter the cab.

She said that seconds later, a deputy saw what seemed to be a shot gun repeatedly being taken out and pointed out of the window at the driver’s seat, aiming at passing cars. However, no shots were fired.

The freeway was then closed in both directions, which resulted in a four-hour standoff. The freeway was reopened when the authorities broke one of the windows of the car and arrested Haydarov.

Penrod then explained that the gun was identified to be a pellet gun with the safety tip removed.

Haydarov seemed disoriented, with a blood-alcohol level below the legal amount according to Missouri law. He admitted the gun belonged to him. No further information was given regarding testing of mind-altering drugs or the motivation behind his actions.