Vice President-elect Mike Pence has nothing but praise for the new Republican Party that has just won the mandate to lead the country as well as control the Senate and the House.

The President-elect and Vice President- elect were at a “thank you” rally in Cincinnati. Both men were touring the battleground states that played a huge role in their triumph over Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party on November 6, 2016.

On Thursday he disclosed that the incoming administration with President-elect Donald Trump will be completely different from what the American public had witnessed before. He promised a wide variety of significant activities that will dissolve the gridlock in Washington. Their main focus is to overhaul the tax code as well as craft a better health care plan and put in place measures for new immigration laws.

Mr. Pence also reported in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, that President-elect Donald Trump was in the process of preparing an effective 100-day plan along with a 200-day plan, both will aim at fulfilling the promises that Donald Trump made on the campaign trail.

Mike Pence when asked what voters should expect from the Trump White House, he convincingly stated: “I think the only thing that will surprise them is that Washington, D.C., is going to get an awful lot done in a short period of time.”

The soon to be Vice-President of the United States of America had promised that this new government will set in place policies that will jump start the economy thus creating economic growth.

He also promised that Donald Trump will capitalize on their party’s congressional majorities that have worked assiduously to fight the sitting leader: President Barack Obama.

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