President Donald Trump may be facing a possible mutiny from U.S diplomats as a draft memo strongly opposing the refugee and travel ban from seven predominantly Muslim nations circulated around foreign missions.

The policy by all accounts was rushed through with minimal consultation and caused wide spread chaos and protests around the world.  Most world leaders have condemned the action, and protests of one kind or another have been organised.  Some parliaments are set to debate the issues raised from the travel ban.

Diplomatic Memo

The memo argues that rather than stop or prevent terrorism it will make the problem worse.

One part of the memo read, “We are better than this ban.  (It) stands in opposition to the core American and constitutional values that we, as federal employees, took an oath to uphold.  A policy which closes our doors to over 200 million legitimate travelers in the hopes of preventing a small number of travelers who intend to harm Americans from using the visa system to enter the United States will not achieve its aim of making our country safer.

“Moreover, such a policy runs counter to core American values of non-discrimination, fair play and extending a warm welcome to foreign visitors and immigrants.”

The memo when ready will be sent via the decent channel.  The idea is to allow alternative views and opinions to be expressed by diplomatic staff.  Normally, there is one author and the material is confidential in nature.

It is unclear how many diplomats have signed this memo.  The fact that it is a diplomatic collaboration is rare.

The State Department’s Mark Toner confirmed they were aware of the memo.

The last time a memo that was jointly signed by several diplomats was during the Obama administration over Syria.  Fifty diplomats signed a memo last June over decisions taken towards the country.  That memo followed years of fierce debate, this memo against the travel ban, has taken hours.