Brock Shoff, a 2 year old toddler, was playing in his bedroom in Utah when cameras set in the house caught the moment when a dresser had fallen on him, almost killing him.

Brock’s twin brother Bowdy was with him and what was seen in the footage is the amazing rescue he had performed in order to save his brother.

Within the footage from the home surveillance system, Bowdy’s incredulous strength at just 2 years of age was witnessed as he pushed off the dresser from Brock, setting him free.

However, this incident arouses several more worries and possible threats in general regarding youngsters’ safety and heavy furniture.

Baby Hero

The parents of the two young boys posted the footage captured on social media, in an attempt to shed light to other people about the threats of falling dressers within their homes if children are around.

In the video, Brock is seen encompassed beneath the tall dresser and crying as the intense weight of the dresser has added undesirable pressure on Brock’s ribcage. Mother Kayli had temporarily left the room to go upstairs the second before the incident occurred.

Bowdy’s Plan

Bowdy scavenges around the room in order to devise an efficient plan to lift the dresser off of his brother. First he attempt to carry it, but realizes the weight had overwhelmed his strength.

Afterwards, he decides to attempt in shoving it slowly off of Brock, in which as seen in the footage, his plan worked slowly until eventually the dresser had been pushed off completely from Brock’s body.

As soon as enough pressure was lifted from Brock’s body, he rolled out of the closure and cameo out fine. Kayli states that she never heard the dresser falling to begin with, let alone her son crying either.

Ricky, the father upon posting it on Facebook wrote that although he felt a bit uneasy about posting such a video, his motive is strictly to shed light on the dangers of falling dressers to all parents, and also finds the twist in his story to be “incredible.”